Has anyone heard the new MKII? Any experience out there with the new player? Worthy upgrade from MKI?
I am quite familiar with the CD3, since I have it at home with all ARC tube equipment and Vandy 5As. It is a wonderfully accurate and involving CDP that you can listen to for hours without any fatigue. Last week I had a chance to compare the two at my nearby dealers on similar ARC tube electronics and the same speakers.

The differences are fairly easily to detect, especially in the mids and highs. On jazz female vocals, the voice is even clearer and better separated, and the instruments, especially cymbals, are more separated and alive. It has even greater accuracy in focusing the locations for each instrument. It definitely takes the CD3 a noticable notch further, plus, they are providing a new remote better fitting the class and quality of this CDP.

I am not one to chase upgrades, however, I have already sent mine back to ARC for this one. If you have the CD3, are basically comfortable with your current system (no nagging weakness bothering you), and have the improvement itch and some extra cash, you should consider auditioning the CD3.
Sounds like a worthy upgrade (I have the CD3 MKI w/ Convergent Pre/Amp and Vandersteen speakers). What other CDPs did you consider before buying your ARC?

I have never heard or had a chance to compare the Aero Capitole 24/192, Wadia 861, Ayre D1x, or the AUdio Note DACs with my ARC.

Thanks for the insight.
Pubul57, I listened to a number of top end players, including ARC, Ayre, Sony etc. Bottom line: the ARC was the best redbook only player I found that I liked and could listen to for an extended period without getting fatigue. Once I decided to go with it, I ended up with all ARC electronics, in part for the compatibility of the all balanced design and the high definition. I am not an expert in the differences between high end players, but I am totally satisfied with the CD3 in my system.

is the CDP3 Mk2 worth considering for an ARC SP16 using unbalanced inputs??


I have tried the CD3 with both balanced and unbalanced operation in my system using AQ Amazon 1 meter cables for both. I can detect no difference.

In addition, I have read in several places that if the balanced operation is properly designed, and it is in the ARC equipment, and the cable runs are short, there should be no real difference.
I have now upgraded to the CDMKII and the improvements over the MKI are just as stated by Zargon at the start of this thread.