ARC CD3 follow up questions

As I had posted before my ARC CD 3 Mk 2 had to go in and have 5 caps replaced in the power supply to get back up and running again (I believe it might have been a spike that caused it). I was listening yesterday and it seems to sound a bit bright and the staging seemed a bit shallow (as opposed to what I remember) but, I now have a new Shunyata Venom Defender in the outlet to protect it as well, am I just having to wait for the new caps and the Venom Defender to acclimate and if I'm right what might be a time frame to expect for break in?
I could use some help with this, Thanks.
Disc read problem hasn't been addressed as of yet but, it also is not unique as it was also present in the ARC CD2 that I owned prior to this. I will call Kal and ask him later today and report what he has to say but it's just funny that the disc produced by the manufacturer would have trouble but, a new burned version is perfectly fine.
I concur and will add that 200 hrs is the bare minimum on new caps. I say 300 hrs, possibly more. The good news is that by 500 hrs, all will be well. Keep me posted and happy listening!

Happy Holidays.
Thank you Jafant and Mofimadness, it sure is good to hear music in the house again with the CD3 back and it sounds a little better each time I play something! I called ARC about the selective disc problem and left a message for Cal and am just waiting to hear back now but very happy with the new Shuyata Venom Defender and the continuing improvements it's making. Happy and Safe Holidays I'll keep you all posted as I continue to get answers.