A friend mentioned that this cdp had some problems with tracking. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience. Thanks Dave
I owned 3 never had a problem with tracking I still own 2 & one CD3MKII which is awesome. The cd2 does say no disk when you put a disk in the first disk sometimes usually when its cold. It does not play some cdrs. Beautiful player for the money and they never Break down.
I have owned the CD2 and now the CD3MkII and have not noticed a problem with tracking in either player.
I also have used several different of these units and never had a problem. I never had any of them for a long time, but I did have a CD 1 for six years and never had a single problem with it. Audio Research makes excellent and reliable products in my opinion.

I'm going to echo the above owners and users.....never had a problem with my CD2!