ARC CD 3 Doesn't read disc?

Just got my CD 3 Mk 2 back from ARC after having caps in power supply replaced. Now have it protected by Shunyata Venon Defender but listening to it yesterday for the first time, I have specific trouble with 2 different CDs that it won't read and I'm wondering if any other ARC owners have had this same trouble and how they may have corrected it?
It won't read at all the A & M release of Supertramp Crime of the Century (But I can listen to the Mobile version with no problem) and it also does it on Talking Heads Popular Favorites 1984-1992 (but only on 1 disc) and skips on the last cut from Enya's disc And Winter Came . Now this is not new since it came back (it's slways done it) yet if I copy the offending disc it reads fine. Is this just bad copies from the manufacturer or is it a quirk with the Phillips Pro 2 laser unit? Can ARC owners give me an opinion and I also welcome speculation as to why this might be happening. Many Thanks.
I used to own an ARC CDT-1 transport that had a very similar problem right after I purchased it used as it was very picky which CD's it would play. I used a dry Q-tip and very lightly cleaned the laser lens making sure I didn't leave any strands of cotton and that solved the problem. When it was shipped it was really cold and brought into a warm environment and I thought maybe condensation had something to do with it. If it's been happening a while not sure what the problem may be for your unit but worth a shot if you can gain access to the lens.
I can count on one hand the number of skips I've had on my CD3 mkII. It's important to keep the laser clean and the entire disk assembly free of dust.

I don't use a Q-tip just in case it leaves a stray fiber; I use a thin painter's brush (the brush used on a canvas, not a wall, lol). I use diluted isopropyl, but first I use a microfiber cloth with alcohol and carefully wipe the entire interior compartment. I'll usually find dust on the cloth.
Thanks both of you for your useful suggestions, I'll try my Disc Washer CD lens cleaner again and also try my cleaning the disc with Ultra Bit. Just wondering because the Phillips Pro 2 is a 3 beam laser as opposed to a single ( because it will play fine in a single beam) if the way the reproduction of the disc was made if the cut was made a bit off of track also?
Rsjm80, I own the CD-8, which uses the same transport. Call Kal ASAP and ask him what to do. The unit just left the shop for service. It should work perfectly.