ARC and Audience: Perfect Together?

I'm looking at going all Audience (PC/IC and Speaker Cable) with my ARC electronics and am wondering if anyone else out there has used these cables with their Audio Research equipment. The Audience stuff seems widely regarded but I'm curious about the match with ARC. I'd appreciate any feedback before I make the full out investment.
Don't invest in anything you haven't heard. Give the Cable Co a jingle and have them send you a variety of cables they know has worked with AR stuff in the past.
I totally agree with Larryb. Check out the Cable Co. and listen for yourself. Without knowing the specifics of your system or tastes it's a little hard to make recomendations. However, I have mostly ARC gear and really like the Purist cables in my system............. I borrowed them form the Cable Co. along with a lot of other stuff before I bought.

Hope this helps

For the used prices, you can mostly try and resell for around what you paid for the Audience cables and cords. I tried the Audience ICs, digital cable and power cords. I found the power cords to have a slight edge in the upper mids, barely noticable but in direct comparison to my Elrod PC it was there. Otherwise the power cord for the used prices is a keeper. The ICs and digital cable offer very nice mid range sound but lacked the deepest bass only in direct comparison to other cables. But again, very nice for the used prices.

My advise is to buy low and sell high.

Happy Listening.
Thanks folks. Bigkidz, which ARC stuff did you run with the Audience?