ARC Amp Experts...

If you wouldn't mind, please share your opinions on the advantages/disadvantages between the Audio Research VS110(tubed) amp and the Audio Research 300.2(ss)amp.[--I've heard the VS110, but not the 300.2--]

Does the (relative) 'warmth' of the ARC tubed amp justify the power difference? (VS110=100wpc; 300.2=300 wpc) Or does the ARC solid state amp possess a warmth that most ss amps do not...Incidentally, both amps are similarly priced and either would suit my speakers...

I appreciate your (most valued) opinions-Thanks for your time!
Not exactly what you were asking for but I will share my experience. I have an ARC D400MKII(400watts/4ohms,& solid state) and an ARC VT200(200 watts/4ohms,& vacuum tube), On Magnepan 3.6's... The VT200 is much smoother,more focused, more dynamic, more detailed,heavier, more expensive, it requires expensive maintainace, and is a pretty good space heater too (16-6550's). From my experience it would lean to the VS110. Good Luck! Would you like to buy my D400MKII?

I've got a couple D240IIs (bridged, driving ProAc RS2s), a D400II (driving Infinity Kappa 8s), a pair of VT100IIIs horizontally bi-amping ProAc 3.8s), and a VT60 holding down some paper in my study. Surely, Dave, when you say "heavier," you weren't talking about physical weight--the D400II would give Godzilla a hernia. ;)

I think the ARC solid state amps are pretty spectacular, esp. with bottom end control--then again, I seem to have some fairly large amps. The mids on the tubed ARC amps and the top end detail are where those shine, IMHO.

You'll notice I like my dynamic speakers. I did, for a long time, run several sets of electrostatics--all Martin Logan--with various of my ARC arsenal. I found that electrostats and tubes are a really magic combo, so I'd steer you towards the VT200. I think there were some posts about relative benefits of voltage devices versus amperage devices in the forums somewhere. Can't remember how that works, but my recollection was that tubes and stats work well for an electrical reason...
I have a VS110 and am looking very carefully at the 300.2 to give me more power. The VS110 replaced the venerable Naim NAP 250 driving my Totem Hawks and bested the English offering in every way. The VS110 is a superb amplifier in every sense, and is a real bargain for what it does.

Since then I've moved and the system is in a different room, and I'm craving larger speakers and I don't think the VS110 can handle monsters like the B&W 802 or Totem Mani-2's. This has made me start thinking about swapping amps around, and the search for the 300.2 is what led me here.

Also note that the 300.2 is Class-T (digital switching) and will differ dramatically than the previous ARC solid state offerings.