ARC 160M Meters

Just installed my new ARC 160M’s.   Loving the sound, build quality and looks.  But, the meters have no action till almost 12:00. Even then it’s not overly active.  Obviously at that high volume I’ll go deaf in short order all to see needles move.   My question is:  should there be more movement on the meters at conversational levels.  Basically there isn’t any at my normal listening levels.
  The ARC160M meters work amazingly well with the Vandersteen 7 loudspeakers.   Best JohnnyR
I did. They said it might be a firmware update issue.  Waiting to hear back if that’s something I can do at home without having to box and ship.
A calibration issue is what it would seem to be but the new gear is packed with electronics.
Which Pre Amp is being used in the system?
IIRC, Stereophile's measurements showed that the meters were a fair bit off calibration in their review samples.  That could be the case with your amps, too.
Can't remember where or when, but I believe some meters are dual purpose and selectable between the two types of units being measured.  Long shot, but could this possibly be the case with yours?
If your speakers are very efficient it may only be using a watt or so of power. What are you using?
I have Tannoy Kingdom Royals.  I hooked up another less efficient pair and no change.