ARC 100.2 vs. MF AC3R vs. McCrmak DNA125

I'm interested in opinion of the Audio Research 100.2 (100 wpc SS amp) vs. the Musical Fidelity AC3R (125 wpc SS amp) vs. the McCormak DNA 125 (125 wpc SS amp).

Any thoughts on performance of each and/or performance relative to each other? Any comments on the 10hz to 100Khz bandwidth of the AC3R?

I'm considering the above for upgrade to my existing system:
Vandersteen 2Ce-Sig
Carver C-19 (tubed) pre-amp
Carver TFM-45 power amp
Audioquest Granite bi-wires (power to speakers)
Audioquest Ruby IC (pre to power)
Transparent The Link-100 IC (CD to pre)

Thanks in advance for your reply!

I highly recommend that you add the Ayre V-3 solid-state power amp to your list above. Puts out 100 w/ch into 8 ohms and 200 into 4 ohms. I have three of them and they are awesome!

Go to to check out mine and other reviews on this musical amp.
I think it depends on what other equipment you put with it.
I've been an Audio Research enthusiast for years and find incredible synergy when ARC componets are teamed together.
Conversely, I've observed that in conjunction with other
makes, ARC componets can appear to sound pretty mediocre.

Good luck!

P.S. I think the 100.2 is a real sleeper.