ARC 100.2 Vs McCormack DNA-1

I have a stock DNA-1 that I am very pleased with that is paired with an ARC LS3 and Maggie 12QR speakers.

I wonder if anyone here has done a comparison between the DNA-1 and a ARC 100.2 or even a D300?

Again .... I am pleased with the DNA-1 with its power and presented sound stage but I am wondering if I am missing anything ????
Not a direct response to your post but you may want to look at the results of the ARC amp shootout we did over Labor Day weekend. Of related interest to your question is how the SD135 compared with the DNA500. It may give you something to think about. Do a search of the archives or look under my posts.
I have owned two 100.2's, and a DNA-1 and a DNA500. I did not find the DNA's to have the feeling of life and realism of the 100.2's. I find most solid state amps to sound relatively boring compared to tubes, and the 100.2's were a notable exception.
As you are happy with the DNA-1, have you considered having Steve upgrade it? There are some pretty positive reviews on Agon regarding his upgrades to McCormack amplifiers. I'm sure he could fill you in on the improvements you could expect if you called or e-mailed him.