ARC 100.2 vs. D240?

My local high end dealer offered me a swap of my 100.2 plus $500 for a mint condition D240. I'm currently running a pair of B&W 640i's with an eye toward uprading to the JM Lab Electra 946. I also use an Aragon Soundstage pre-pro. I probably listen to 70% music (mostly acoustic jazz) and 30% movies. My listening room is an open floor plan that measures 20'x 30' with 10' ceilings. Which one would offer a more "tube like" sound? Is the the D240 a significant upgrade over the 100.2 or is my dealer full of it? Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated!
That's no deal! The 100.2 is probaly the best SS amp ARC made. The 240 would be a downgrade. Also, the 100.2 is worth about $1750.00 and the 240 about $720.00. Your local Hi-Fi dealer is trying to make a quick buck on you.
If you want to upgrade try to find an ARC D400 MkII 200watt a channel solid state amp that sold for $6000 new.
Your dealer is indeed full of it. I've owned the ARC 240MKII and the 100.2. The 100.2 is vastly superior in all aspects and worth about $1,000 more than the 240. I'd stay away from that dealer forever. Also, the ARC D400MKII is indeed a great amplifer, but it's better than the 100.2 only if you need the additional power. Otherwise, stick with the 100.2. They fly out of Audiogon for between $1,700 and $1,800.
I would defer to 9rw's direct experience. However, just to give you some other feedback, I've heard several ARC fans who think the D240 is the best SS amp ever made by ARC.

I don't have experience with the 100.2, but I did listen to a D240MkII recently and was very impressed. Other SS amps may present a higher fidelity in certain areas, but I think the D240 excels in mimicking a tube sound from a SS design. This is difficult to do and can explain why some ARC fans, who are normally tube fanatics, like it.

Perhaps this is the source of the confusion in your situation. If you have the 100.2 and asked for an amp with a more "tube-like" sound as your message says, I can see a dealer recommending the D240. I wouldn't castigate your dealer just yet, unless he won't let you take the D240 home and see for yourself whether the deal is worth it.
The dealer isn't dealing honestly. The fact is that he shouldn't be charging MORE in exchange for a component that has substantially less resale value. The deal should be predicated on the market value. The debate over which is better is irrelevant. If there is a 1K difference in fair market value with the 100.2 being of greater value, why is he adding an additional 500.00 to the price of a D240 which has lower market value? Your local dealer is a shark.
Wait....Is he giving you $500 or are you giving him $500?

If he's going to trade PLUS give you $500 then it might be worth it to you to save the hassle of selling your 100.2 on your own.

If he wants $500...Tell him in no uncertain terms where he can go. In addition, tell us who it is so that we can avoid him like the plague.

Unscrupulous devil!
Guys, I really appreciate all the responses. I'm relatively new to high end hifi and I'm trying to educate myself. Yes, indeed my dealer wants me to trade my 100.2 and give him $500 for the D240. Labtec nailed it. I am looking for tube like sound and my dealer swears that the D240 is the most tube-like SS amp ever made. I auditoned the new JM Lab Electra 926's and 946's on that monsterous new Rogue amp. To make his point, he switched back and forth several times between the D240, a 200wpc Plinius (don't know the model #) and the Rogue. Of course the Rogue was the winner, but while the D240 didn't have quite the soundstage of the Rogue, it more than held its own. In comparison to the Plinius, it didn't have quite the "punch" but it was much more articulate and detailed. Now, there was one caviat that the dealer offered that I forgot list. He said that the D240 wouldn't have quite the "punch" of the 100.2, but he would throw in a hard wired Straightwire power cord (don't know that model # either but it was sky blue in color) that he said retails for about $300. Regardless, it sounds like I'd still be coming up with the short end of the stick. I agree with Tubegroover, market value should determine price point, not personal taste or preference. Besides, I'm more than pleased with the 100.2 and how it performs with the my B&W's. I just wasn't sure how the 100.2 would perform if I decided to upgrade to one of the JMLabs (which by the way sound spectacular!) Any thoughts are welcome. THANKS!
If you prefer the D240 with the Electras, I would negotiate the best possible deal to buy the D240 outright from your dealer. Then, you can sell your 100.2 on Audiogon and probably put money in your pocket.

Dealers are notorious for giving very low value on trades. You have to remember that they pay wholesale for new stuff, so why would they give you market value for used gear - especially if you aren't buying something new and way more expensive.

I don't want to be a dealer apologist. However, it seems like this dealer spent a good amount of time with you and gave you the sound that you were seeking. That doesn't mean you have to accept a bad financial deal, but I would haggle with him and/or try the option I suggested.
herb4: Have you tried your 100.2 at the dealer's place with the JM Lab speakers? That might be an interesting experiment. I'd be amazed if the D240 sounded better than the 100.2. And keep in mind that there's a D240MKII, which most dealers (and Audio Research) believe is A LOT better than the D240.

Anyway, I still wouldn't trust that dealer. Market value of the old D240 is at least $1,000 less than the 100.2. Happy listening.
Based on the direction of the $500, I'd say your dealer is jobbing you too. Fer a 100.2 and $500, I'll consider trading you *two* black D240 Mk IIs and even throw in a spare silver faceplate!