ARC 100.2 vs ARC SD135

The topic is almost all in the title: would an SD135 better my beloved 100.2 ?
I ask you please detail your answers.

thanks 🙂
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Used to own a 100.2. Great amp, which you’ll never replace for the money. I’d buy the SD135 before I let go of the 100.2, then sell the one you feel is the lesser amp.

ain’t sellin’ my 100.2 - have had it since 2002

just sent it back to greg and warren earlier this year for a check-out, as we are in year 20 now... greg said it tested perfect, warren listened to it in the big rig driving their maggie 20.7’s, said oh yeah it;s fine, just fine... 😁

never heard an sd135...

op is from 7 years ago, btw...