Aranov 9100 vs. Rogue M120

Has anyone had an opportunity to compare either of these? I have heard the Rogue's in person, and I like them quite a bit. But I also have read very good reviews and feedback regarding the Aranov's.

The specs seem quite similar, and even with the M120 'magnum' upgrade, I was curious if anyone had any experience or thoughts.

From what I hear, the Aranov's have very tight bottom-end, almost SS-like, with the nice mid/highs of a valve... anyway, could just be hype... =)


thx al
Can't answer the question, but instead would like to ask one. What is the "magnum" upgrade for the M-120 include? Thanks.
I bought a pair of the Aronov Monoblocks and these will be the last components I upgrade. Excellent bottom end. Currently have a BAT 5se CDP (after owning a Rega Planet then an Ultech), choosing between a BAT 30se and First Sound Presence Deluxe II for the Preamp (currently have the Aronov Preamp), GreenMountain Diamante II Speakers, SR Designers Reference interconnects, Electraglide/Powersnakes/AudioMagic Power Cords and Bybee Pro conditioner.......the last thing I'll upgrade (if ever)are the Aronov monoblocks.
The aronov's are good. I went from Bryston 7 B ST's to the Aronov's and do not miss the Bryston's in the bottom end...especially after putting KT88 tubes in place of the stock 6550's
Aronov are built with "50's technology (and look it too)I have owned some monoblocks. They had good botom end but that's about it. Mushy midrange, not clear at all.There are no reasons for these dinosaurs in 2001. Not worth half the money. Sorry, hear them and check for yourself. The Rogues are modern and beautifull by comparison.
Have not heard the Aronov.I own a pair of M120 and can say they are worth every cent.They are a good buy even if they where 5k.The only way to tell is to listen to both.
The Magnum upgrade is a parts upgrade.All the parts go from being good quality to great quality.
Thanks, Tm12. Any idea what this upgrade costs?
The Magnum upgrade is ~$1200 I believe.