aragon4004 loud hum

anyone have this problem.Sounds as if its originating from the back left of the unit. Hum does not come through the speakers. Thanks for any help.
can't get an opinion?
Probably based from the transformer; mine does the same thing.

Try tightening it down (the bolts) and it may help (will also help the sound *from* the amp too).

Otherwise if this doesn't work its probably the laminate in the transformer (the doping) - nothing can be done except replacement.

Someone else may have other advice...

Hope this helps!
My understanding, from what I have read on Aragon amps (I own three of 8008's which don't exhibit this problem), is that the transformer is resonating mechanically, which at the time was considered to be acceptable. If you take the cover off your amp you should be able to pinpoint the source of the noise.
Thanks for the help. Talked to an aragon tech who told me the transformers were no longer available.Time to start looking. thanks again