Aragon State one help

I just purchased a used Aragon Stage one. I run a turntable into AUX analog input. The volume for that input is much lower than for others such as DVD. I would like to A/B compare turntable to DVD but the volume is so far off between the two. The input level function seems to make no differnce on the AUX input. Any ideas how I can adjust the input level for the AUX/turntable input?

Also, the volume defaults down to -20 every time you leave a source and then go back to it. Is there any way to bypass that function?

not enough gain....what cartridge r u using ?
You will need a phono stage. The AUX input is a high level input and doesn't reequalize the RIAA. Radio Shack sells a basic phono stage for $30 bucks or so. You can also spend much more...
I have a phone stage. Sorry I didn't say earlier. It's a Jolida 9 and the cart is a Denon 301r. There is an input gain adjustment for the Aragon but it doesn't seem to do anything for the AUX input. I makes a difference when play a cd through that input, the level or gain goes up and down but not for the AUX input. I can try another anolog input for the TT. The Jolida is set for the low output cart setting so that should be the highest level out of that unit.