Aragon Stage One vs Anthem 30 for best imag/stage

I have 2 Accrus 200x3 power amps;looking to sell a Rotel 1066 and choose either Aragon/Anthem for Martin Logan Ascents or Questz/ with Velodyne 15. Room 20x30. Sony 50'Wega, and I like classical, new age, and rock like U2 or Allman Bros, and movies like Fellowship Ring trilogy, Starwars, etc. Looking for great detail like everyone else, but want the big sound stage and real great imaging. Sound first, then pictue quality. Any thought on which amp might preform better in this match? Any thoughts on either amp heard in another system. thanks in advance.
The Stage One is a fine pre-amp/processor (but, not an amp). It is unfortunately been discontinued. I bought mine specifically for its two channel ability. The unit is very detailed, clean and is so quiet that I really never know its there. Even though I own the Stage One, I would recommend the Anthem. They continue to improve on it, will have dealers that may let you borrow it, and it is a fine piece of equipment. Still, I love my Stage One and will keep it until it fails to function anymore. I might also recommend that you look into the Outlaw Audio 990. They have great service, you can try it in your home and get your money back if you don't like it, you will save a huge amount of money and it will have all the latest programming. Good luck!
I think we're almost to the point of no Stage Ones available new. I got mine through Acoustic Sounds, but they've discontinued them in the catalog & web site. Same with the other online retailers. I think the prices have already started to go back up again.

A fine processor. Buy it NOW if you want one--and if you can find one!
Thanks for your insight and help Camino3x2 and Tgrisham. You are right about it being discontinued.