Aragon Soundstage vs Proceed AVP

I was wondering if anyone had compared the two. How good is the Soundstages? Does it have a good two channel preamp?
Spicy...just wondering if you ever compared the two...I am right now...I would like to know what you decided and why...see chat posted 6/27/00 to respond.thanks,Mmkwf
I managed to compare the two. Soundstage was not as good on two channel as AVp. I hook them up to a system consisting of Aragon amplifiers and PSB Studio 100v2. A/B them in same system for an hour. Proceed was considerably better. I had ordered the Soundstage because it is so upgradeable. Had a sell for my AVp and did sell it on ebay. Expected to replace AVp with Soundstage. Ended up purchasing California Audio Labs SS-2500SSP which was better than both. Contact me if you want to know my dealer, he gave a very competative price which did not make the purchase significantly more than Proceed or Soundstage. Cal audio unit is hardware upgradeable. The Proceed is great but is not hardware upgradeable so that is the only reason I sold it.
bulldog, I have been trying to find a reasonable cal dealer, could you email me with info on your dealer, [email protected], I am looking to buy tha cal ss 2500 ssp and the matching amp, thanks Rick