Aragon Soundstage owners

I am curious about setup options for Stereo Direct mode.

When you set it to play via the analog pass-through the manual recommends setting the gain on the front R+L and sub to maximum and it will adjust itself if it clips. This is simply setting the volume level on each speaker to max in setup right?

Is there no way to adjust bass management in this mode? I assume not but you never know til you ask.

The manual is sometimes vague. Regarding the analog pass-through.

Yes, I believe that you can adjust the bass managment in the dircect mode. I do not have my Soundstage in front of me to describe how but these options should be available in the setup, bass management, or advanced menus. If you can not figure it out, I recommend contacting Aragon Tech Support at 1-866-781-7284, option 1. Ask for Steve.

Good Luck!
My menu does not give me an option in "Stereo Direct" mode. It does in "Stereo Analog". The only adjustment it lets me do in Direct is the gain for FR, FL and Sub.

I will call the number...thanks!
I contacted Aragon and he said there is no way to adjust Bass Management in the Stereo "Direct" mode. Just use the crossover on the sub.

Very helpful guy at Aragon btw. Awesome product.