Aragon Soundstage or Conrad Johnson PV-14L

I started with home theater and am a newbie trying to intergrate 2 channel audio. Here's where I'm at.
Onkyo TX-DS777 (5.1 A/V receiver) now using as a pre/pro
Classe CAV-75 6 channel amp (RCA only)
Classe CDP-1 CD player (RCA, Bal & AES/EBU Dig.)
Toshiba SD-5109 Prog. scan DVD (for now)
Joseph Audio Fronts biwired W/DH Labs (planning to upgrade to Cardas)
I/C's are XLO except for 1 set of entry level Cardas RCA-RCA (Classe CDP1-Onkyo)
I am concidering the Aragon Soundstage(used approx. $1850) or the CJ PV-14L (Around $1500 used). Both have HT bypass. Should I buy one of these or replace the Onkyo with a multi-channel pre/pro and separate tuner. I cannot spend any more than 2K at this time and would not mind spending less.
Any suggestions on any changes would be greatly appreciated.
I suggest you to get Aragon Soundstage to have an advantage of both HT and Stereo. Especially Stereo part has incredible sound, detail with deep tight bass and transparent compare to other solid state gear (stereo).
A friend has the C-J for his music/HT set up and it's wonderful sounding preamp.
I replaced my Onkyo 838 with the Aragon just recently. At first I had reservations on doing this because Iwas quite happy with the HT performance of the Onkyo. The stereo output was however very harsh and tiring even with the use of Krell KST 100 amps that I upgraded to. With the HT digital bypass, I am able to listen to excellent music with the Aragon--very smooth and warm. And with the same unit, I still am able to enjoy HT anytime. If you like a good stereo analog music, the Aragon is a good choice--and the price is around 1.5K.