Aragon Palladium Monoblock - ideas needed. Possible feeler for selling amp.

I found one of these amps recently at a really good price.  So good that I could not pass it up. Unfortunately, I have had no luck finding a second one to complete a pair.  I think this is the original series by Mondial. It is far too good of an amp to just have sitting here unused. If I could find someone needing another one of these to complete a 3 channel front set up, or to replace / complete a pair. Or someone selling a lone amp that would be ideal.  It doesn't make sense to delegate this to subwoofer use alone. Does anyone have suggestions on what to do with this amp or does anyone have a need for one or a line on one?  I was even starting to think outside the box like use it as an amp for bass guitar with bass pre-amp section or something. Ideas? Leads?