Aragon or Acurus from Indy Audio Labs?

I am just wondering if any forum members have any experience with the new Aragon or Acurus amps from Indy Audio labs? I am very intrigued with the enthusiasm and dedication that owners Rick Santiago and Ted Moore have in reviving these quakity brands. I know the Acurus amps are available for purchase but not sure about the Aragons.

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I believe that Aragons are looking to be shipped by the end of the month. They will also be on display at the CEDIA Expo in Indy.
Saw them and had a nice chat with Rick at The Show in Newport Beach last week. Very impressed with both the Acurus and the Aragon product. I can tell you I had a 17 y.o Acurus amp on my bench a month ago. All the caps looked good. No D.C. offset at the output. No burn/ brown marks on the circuit board that would indicate over heating etc. Met rated output with flying colors. The amp clipped nicely and even did a nice job with square waves. Toroidal transformer was quiet. I was quite impressed given it's age. It showed little sign of wear.