Aragon Amp Owners: Help With Pre-Amp Synergy

Would appreciate any input from Aragon amp owners or those of you who have owned them in the past. I'm interested in trying a tube pre amp to mate with it. I recently bought some new speakers which are easier to drive than my previous. 89 sensitivity as compared to 86 respectively. Now my pre amp seems to have too much gain, Volume is approaching too loud at around 10-11 o'clock. My Aragon is a 8008BB and I have a Musical Fidelity A3cr pre amp. Can any one suggest some pre amps that match well with Aragon? Also I like the fact that both my power and pre amp are dual mono. Would I be losing something if I bought a pre that was not dual mono? Another possibility would be to match a Musical Fidelity power amp with my pre amp but I would hate to give up the Aragon. What do you folks think? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I have a modded Aragon 3002, a beautiful sounding and powerful amp. I have used with it a Fosgate Audionics pre-pro, a BAT VK30 tube pre, which I loved, but didn't feel was the answer for me, used it for capital to make other changes in my system. Finally, and best, is my current use of a Sonic Euphoria passive line stage. I feel it is absolutely the most transparent to the source pre I have had. There have been no issues with it as far as gain is concerned, no matter whether digital or analog.
Although Jeff, the designer/builder is apparently out of business, (are you out there, Jeff?), you may be able to pick up a used unit, which is what I did. Being passive, there is very little that can go wrong, with the exception of the attenuator, so it should be a reliable piece of equipment. Had excellent reviews. Or, you can go with the Placette passive, Bent Audio, or the like. Something to consider.
Regards, and best of luck,
Get a used Byston BP25 and use it in the balanced mode. That's what I did for my 8008BB and it has been a happy marrage for the past two years or so.
Volume is too loud at 11:00? I hold off listening until afternoon...

Really, I don't see this as an issue. Don't turn the volume knob up higher than you like to listen. Simple as that. No cost, no hassle solution especially if you're satisfied with the sound quality and the input/output offerings of your current preamp.

I've used an Aragon 24K preamp; quite a sweet unit especially with the P & G volume pot--although my Aragons are driven with a Stage One now.