Aragon 8008x5 or EAD PM 1000

I'm looking for power amp to set up a system 70% music and 30% movie. I have three choices of speakers: Aerial 10t,B&W 802 and KEF reference 4. Any advice for the combination of the above speakers with Arogon or EAD? THanks a lot, Shenzhi
I own 3 Aragon amps and can't imagine a better amp at their price point. Why don't you call Aragon for some information. I think you will be surprised at the level of customer support. The Aerial 10t sounds a lot different to me than the B&W 802. The 802 is cleaner sounding and maybe a little brigther. I would definely give the soundstage award though to Aerial. I would however chose the B&W because I like the other speakers in that series that you would be likely using, the center and the wall mount surrounds. B&W make speakers specially designed for surrounds which makes wall mounting a alot easier. I am not impressed by KEF reference 4. I heard the KEF next to a pair of PSB Stratus golds and the Golds were kicking thier butts.
Buy the Aragon amp. Get the PSB Status Golds speakers. I have heard them in the same sys as the B&W i think they are a better speaker.
My vote would be for the EAD Powermaster 1000. I have the EAD Powermaster 2000 and it is silky smooth, and very analogue sounding but with good bottomend. I traded in my Krell KAV 300i for the EAD TheaterMaster Signature and Powermaster 2000 myself. I was considering the Aragon 8008BB and 8008x3 but at that price the EAD PM2000 at 400watts was better. You should read the review in Stereophile's guide to hometheater or check out their website @ Just my 2 cents, bkwong73