Aragon 8008x3b "AAA" rated by SGTHT?

I read this on a post on Audioreview and was wondering if someone could confirm it. I've listened to the 8008bb and loved it. I think it is highly underated. Thinking about picking up the 8008x3 for the home theater. It is much cheaper than the Proceed HPA/3 I was also looking at. Just curious what Stereophile, and the patrons of this site, thought about Aragon not using a triple mono design (like the dual mono design of the 8008bb)? Would this amp still be good for music? Thanks.
I don't think you will hear much of a difference. The Aragon 8008X3 is excellent with music. I have owned both the Proceed and the Aragon 8008STX3. The Aragon equaled the Proceed in everywhy. Most guys who own both use the 2 channel version for the front channels and the 3 channel for center and rears.
i have the 8008bb and the 8008x3 and love them both.the x3 is not a triple mono design because it was designed for center and rear channels in ht.not having the same needs in all three chanels at the same time it can give all the power it has were the same time it is more biased to class A operation so it does run a little more won't be disapointed.i use for stereo a pre aruum and for ht a lexicon.a good upgrade for these amps are good power cords.