Aragon 8008x3 noise

I have an Aragon 8008x3 amplifier (and an 8008x2). When I switch the home theater system on, the 8008x3 is dead silent (as it is supposed to be). After the system plays for an hour or so, there is a low level but quite audible noise (sounds like a wavering flutter) which can be heard from the center speaker. This noise persists irrespective of the volume setting on the preamplifier and it persists even when the DVD player and the preamp are switched off. It disappears only when the amplifier is turned off. The noise can be heard only from the center channel (I have switched speaker wires from the center channel to the others and the noise shifts to whichever speaker is connected to the center channel output; so it isn’t the speaker.

Has anyone had this kind of a problem before and had it successfully fixed? All ideas appreciated. Also, are there any really good high end audio servicers you know of in the DC/VA/MD area?


Klipsch acquired Mondial Designs, the original maker of the Acurus and Aragon brand, back in 2001. Not sure if they are still involved but you may want to contact Klipsch to see if they will service your amp. Great amp, by the way! -jz
I was nosing around online today and happened across some very good news for fans of Aragon and Acurus products. Klipsch has sold the rights for both brands to a start up company called Indy audio labs. I actually found this thru the Klipsch forums.They are reviving both brands and state on their website that they hope to have new products out by 2010. The company has been founded by 2 long time Klipsch engineers who wanted the Aragon and Acurus brands back on the market. They will now handle support for classic Mondial products. They can be contacted at support@indyaudiolabsdotcom or by phone at 866-781-7284. IMO it is about time someone brought these brands back and is very good news.
i too had a similar noise problem, but with the right channel. i called indy audio who put me in touch with a repair shop. they diagnosed it as a bias issue and made the necessary adjustments.the price was very reasonable.