Aragon 8008ST needs work and I'm hoping to find a good repair shop in the Boston MA area

I have an Aragon 8008ST I purchased through Audiogon a few years ago and now the speaker relay is tripping after only a few minutes of use. I live in Northern NY (north of Lake Placid) and I don't know of any good repair shops in the area but my brother lives in Massachusetts so I was hoping that someone might have a suggestion for a good repair/upgrade shop in the Boston MA area. I've found a few shops doing searches online but I was hoping to find someone with experience with a particular repair shop.

The only authorized service  that Indy Audio Labs lists is in Michigan but I'd rather not ship the amp if I can avoid it. Plus I have an 8008x5 that also needs some work so I was hoping to find a repair shop within driving distance.

Try Approved Audio Service.   I was very satisfied with Larry's work but he can be a little slow.
Thank you for the suggestion. I found another shop in CT called Amplifier Experts that I'm going to contact as well.
I live 30 minutes north of Boston and it's impossible to find a COMPETENT local tech.   GL!
I can recommend two NY shops if you’re willing to travel south of Albany. I believe both would be a shorter drive than Boston. I’ve been very impressed with Hudson Valley Hi-Fi in Florida, NY (talk to Mike). They completely restored a vintage Marantz 7T of mine, and I’ve purchased one of their restored ST-70s. Small shop, but really nice work and dedicated, reliable staff..

I also have a Rowland amp in for service at Sound-Smith in Peekskill, NY. Extremely talented folks in this organization, and they work on fairly complex equipment. I would feel comfortable leaving any equipment with them for repair.

In your web search you may come across The Stereo Shop in Clifton Park, NY. They are to be avoided for their incompetence and outright lying practices.

Best of luck with the repair!
+1 to Approved Audio Service in Bantam, CT.  About an hour SE of Albany.
Also Electronic Service Labs in Wethersfield, CT, just outside of Hartford. 
Thanks to all for the suggestions. I'm in the process of contacting several of them now.