Aragon 8008BB vs Mccormack DNA225

i wonder which one fits my criteria. I love solid, tight and puchy bass and meanwhile air and detail high and, Aragon8008BB or McCormack DNA225? I have McCormack TLC-1 preamp.
I will have to admit that I have not heard the Aragon. I will say that I do own a DNA-225 and it is SWEET. Just be careful when matching components, especially speakers and preamps. Also, I would suggest upgrading the power cable.
Go with the Aragon - it's got cajones to spare in the bass (as good as any Krell) and is smooth and transparent through the mids and highs. We updated the girlfriend's system by replacing her Aragon 4004 MkII with the 8008BB (driven directly from a Theta Miles balanced CD player) and it was like turning up a bass tone control - absolutely amazing bottom end from her Vandersteen 2Ces, and liquid midrange and sweet highs. The Aragon is easily worth 3 times its price.