aragon 8008bb vs bryston 4bst

which is the better amp? I dont care about warranty price just sound. Please help me out?
My vote goes to the Aragon,plus you get 25 watts of class A power.
I'd say Aragon as well.But I' ll mussy the water and say that if you need only 100 watts check out the Monarchy mono blocks.Like the Arago stuff their amps are a tremendous value but with the mono 100's you get 100 watts of Class A power for less than $2800(?) list.Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Dan D'Augistino.
Well, my vote is for the Bryston. I auditioned the Aragon as well as several other amps in the $2500-3000 price range, and chose the Bryston 4B-ST. No regrets -- a fine amp that certainly deserved its "Class B" rating from
I'm usin' both for while but let go of keepin 4bst now usin' 8008bb and 8002. I think there is little with the bryston. But they're both good for money so it's up to you.
You might try them both out with your electronics. They both have excellent qualities. I personally own the Bryston, but the Aragon was a top contender.