Aragon 8008bb or Palladium

My listening area is 10ft 2in X 11ft. My amp is a Aragon 8008bb, preamp Aragon 28k and speakers NHT 2.9's.
I like what the 8008bb does for me.
I like the way it sounds and I wish I had more of it.
If I thought that the Palladiums would not be too much for my room or speakers and it would give me more of the Aragon "sound", I would possibly get them...
Any help?
You can never have enough Aragon "sound"... If you're hooked, you're hooked. I have the Palladiums running a pair of Mirage OM9 for my fronts... The difference was
stunning from the 8002.. I had an 8008 for a short time, but I preferred the 8002.. I now have 2 8002s and the Palladiums in my ss system. If I recall, the NHTs are quite efficient? The Palladiums will only let you enjoy a fuller, more musical sound at lower volumes and give you Class A power up to 100 watts or so. They are affordable on the used market! Buy them!!
Check out my virtual system pics of the Palladiums in Silver.
Happy Listening,
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Personally, I am not a big fan of the Aragon 8008bb sound. I am very familiar with this amp, and unless you need a lot of power at a low price (used) it is not a good deal (sonically).

The Palladiums are better. But better sound can be had.

If you do not need the extreme power, I would suggest trying the Monarchy SE100 deluxe amps. The Monarchy amps used are a great deal, and will sound a lot better than the 8008bb.

Anyway you like the Aragon 8008bb, so I would go with Palladiums. But if you ever want to get to a higher level soundwise, I would look at either Monarchy SE100 Delux monos or a Gamut D-200. Both of these used are steals.

Not to confuse matters further, but I would be curious to know how both these amps compare to the cult classic 4004 MK II.

I had some success with this amp using Apogee Stages and Martin Logans and wondered if the Palladium was even better.

If so, I too, would consider a pair of Palladium monoblocks as a back up for my Levinson.