Aragon 8008BB or Odyssey Stratos power amp

Hello fellow audiophiles,
I plan on using the Paradigm Studio 40s,Rega Planet 2000 cd player,Conrad-Johnson or Rogue Audio preamp.Have any of you used or compared the Aragon or Odyssey with these speakers and or components that I have mentioned?
I love the way the Paradigms deliver the music.
I am open to ideas on this combination and cables.
Thank you all for your replys.
Trade your 40s in on the Paradigm Active 40s (amp built right in) and save on amp and speaker cables. The sound will be better than with either amp + speaker cables and would cost roughly the same. Cheers
Paradigm active series of speakers have been discontinued so it may be difficult to find them.
I would venture to say that the Aragon would have much firmer bass with greater impact than the Odyssey. I think that the 8008 would also walk away in terms of raw power capability also. Other than that, i'm sure that the sonics would be VERY MUCH a matter of personal tastes outside of those two points... Sean
I'd go with the Aragon. It will definetly sound better than the Active 40's, which are great speakers. However, there is no comparison in amplification. Nor is there any substitute. I also would like the Aragon because I think the entire series of Paradigm speakers sound a little too rolled off at the top. You need an amp that will help make those tweeters sing, but not screech.
actually for the record, I have extensive experience with both the actives and standard Paradigm speakers, driven with a lot of different amps. While I'm not a huge fan of Paradigms per se, I can definitely say that the "actives" are a much better choice than ANY other Paradigm driven by ANY amp!!! the active speakers just have so much more drive, dynamics and cohesion than the non active counterparts! I think this has a lot to do with the fact that the amps are right on top of the drivers, giving that much more control and presence! No matter what amp you use on regular speakers, you must give up a bit going through a passive crossover network. Yes, there's a lot of very good amps floating around out there, but still you won't get the overall same good results as the similar speakers driven actively!!..just my experience. Of all my dealings with the entire Paradigm line, I can say, without a doubt, that the best ones were the active one's by far!!!