Aragon 8008BB or Bryston 4B st poweramps

My Aragon 2004 is just not cutting it w/ my Thiel cs2.3 speakers. Using an Audio Research line stage tube preamp and MIT shotgun interconnects with Zu Wax speaker cable. I am hoping that one of the more powerful amps above will bring out the low end and add some punch. I listen to mostly live jazz and blues recordings using an unmodified Jolida cd100. Your thoughts,suggestions and advice are more than welcome.
Ran my 2.3s with a 4b-st for many years, and liked it plenty. Low end was nice, good authority, but I wouldn't say the last word in definition. Originally had a VTL TL2.5 (tubed) in front of the Bryston, the switched to a Rogue 99 Magnum (tubed), and then a Plinius CD-LAD (solid state). The progression of low end defition from the start to the end of that upgrade path was among the most notable differences -- most notable with the switch to the Plinius, which made the low end much much more precise, defined and weighty. Through all of these upgrades, however, I stuck with the Bryston.

Throughout the same process, I switched from a AH!Tjoeb 99 to a Meridian 508.24, which was also a huge improvement in terms of definition (and not just low end, but throughout).

These days, I've bridged the Bryston and it's been relegated to running the center channel (ok, gross overkill, I know) -- and I'm running the 2.3s with Rowland gear (monos and preamp). That was another huge difference -- with the precision, definition and micro-dynamics almost disconcertingly improved. Clearly, I've been drifting from a largely tubed setup to all solid-state. Definition and low end authority has been vastly improved in the process. But not without costs. Thiels have been accused of being somewhat clinical, and I originally put a lot of tubes on them to address that, but as I've run them with lots of different gear I've become more convinced that the speakers are remarkeably neutral and thus broadcast the character of the gear you drive them surprisingly effectively. As far as solid state goes, Meridian and Rowland are perhaps warmer than many (if not most), but tubes they aint.... Suits my tastes just fine, but, hey, the ears you aim to please are your own.

Ok, rambling aside, the Thiels can be a bitch of a load and respond really well to more power. 100wpc into 8 ohms (the Thiels I think average closer to 4) is probably a little anemic for their sweet spot. Hate to sound reflexive in simply proclaiming that throwing more power at it will cure your ills, but I think you'll find a great improvement with more quality power. As for Bryston v. Aragon, no personal experience with the Aragon, but the Bryston is a great amp (and an amazing company, best warranty in the business is no joke) that would certainly suit your needs and likely be a real improvement in the departments you're looking for. (Though, I would note, I believe Aragon is out of business (is that right?) -- so, between the two -- I'd lean towards the backing of Bryston, all else being equal). Best of luck and enjoy.
Mezmo :
I could not have asked for a more definitive response , Thank you. And yes, Aragon is as they say "gon", and Bryston does in deed have a 20 year transferable warranty which is truly incredible in this industry.

As for the Meridian 508.24 I am not that familiar with it but will look into it as well. Thanks again. T
I would agree with what has been stated here. If you are looking for prevalent deep bass well into the midbass region the bridgable 4B Bryston will foot the bill. I own an Aragon 4004II 200 watt amp as this was my preference for over all balance. In that I mean quite acceptable bass and a smooth midrange and high end. When I auditioned the Bryston 3B and 4B amps I was actually shocked at the deeper fuller base up to the midbass region. Ultimately I did prefer the high end range of the Aragon and was happer with the overall balance. Many folks that biamp their speakers use the Brystons on the lower end of their systems for good reason. Probably the 2004 is just power shy for the Thiels like you mentioned but I would imagine the 200 watt version would just about drive anything without stress. I encourage you to biamp or trade out with a Bryston, it is that that noticable. They are also incredibly bullet proof and their customer service is legendary!