Aragon 8008bb, Krell 250a or Classe 201

I am in the process of buying a new amp and would love to hear some professional opinions. I am a novice audiophile compared to most on this website. The NHT's are a great speaker and I am very happy with my choice, but I am currently driving them with a ATI 1505, which is powerful but pretty harsh. I am limited in budget so I have been considering a 2 channel amp from Aragon 8008BB, Classe 201 or Krell 250a. Also, I have seen the Aragon now comes in 3 channel for home theatre, should I consider that? I would like to hear opinions. Thanks
buy some tubes. if not buy the krell
having owned the krell and the classe I would lean more to the krell personally, but it depends on what you like, the classe will give a more laid back warm sound, the krell would give you more detail and low end punch, either would be a good choice, good luck
I've had good luck with Classe. I like the smooth sound for long listening sessions.
Get the 8008BB, it is much better than the krell and cheaper. Listen and you will agree.