Aragon 8008BB amp

Anyone with experience using Aragon 8008BB amp?
Good amp, same performance level as Classe(sweeter, but less power), Bryston(wamer sound), Entry level Krell(krell has more extension, but "cooler" sound).
I think the Aragon is worth a try, and is a good balanced amp, with lots of current, good dynamics, descent midrange, clear, but slightly warm tonal balance(slight), good detail, modest top end extension and articulation. The top can get hard at times however, compared to the more forgiving Classe and Bryston in same league(IMO).
One other thing to mention, besides supeb build quality on the amp, is I noticed input impedence is a bit low on the Aragon! It makes matching with preamps trickier, causing you to push the gain up more compared to other amps I've had! Might be a problem with "passive pre/amp's", or some pre's.
Not minding system matching considertions(always important), I would put the amp in the following assending order(better as you go down the list) with other amps:

Parasound HCA2200 (all in same class)
Adcom GFA5802

Bryston 4bst
Classe CA150/200 (all in same class)
Aragon 8008bb

Plinius 100
Threshold T200 (all in same class)
Pass X150
I've used the 8008BB to drive Thiel CS3.6's for the past 8 years, and I've been very pleased with it -- good soundstage and depth, tight yet potent low end, plenty of body in the midrange, and smooth highs. Very robust power supply -- 200W/ch into 8 ohms, 400W/ch into 4 ohms.
I'm not sure what you want to know, you question is too vague. That Aragon amp is a very good amp. To some people the ability to run balanced is a big issue hence the BB. It is a fairly powerful amp and can drive virtually any speaker load.
A better idea of what you want to know would increase the likelyhood of getting to the crux of the matter.
Good Luck
I really like mine and its ample power and decent control. The Aragon 8008BB is pretty heavy at 75 pounds, so it needs someting sturdy to put it on; don't plan on moving it around a lot.

Regarding the input impedance (22Kohms single ended, 44Kohms balanced), the 8008BB can get more than loud enough when used with a passive Placette remote volume control in single ended mode and the challenging-to-drive PSB stratus Gold i speakers.
yes, I owned one. What would you like to know?
I also have Aragon 8008BB amplifier.
It's a great sounding, i made a few tweaks to it starting with the fuses. I have installed HiFi Tuning Gold Silver Fuse. I've now a new Power Cable, the Pangea AC-9 seven gauge cable. The bottom end sounds deeper middle sounds more robust, highs sweeter.