Aragon 8008 X5 drives B W Nautilus 803 ?

Is there anyone have used Aragon 8008 X5 (or 8008 ST/BB/X3B) to drive B&W Nautilus 803 speakers. The dealer offered me very good deal on Aragon 8008 X5.
I would like to hear your comments and your input is truly appreciated.
As a dealer of Aragon. I got to say it has a lot of clean power. Fully double the power when ohms down and show no sign of meercy. I personally have own Aragon amps in the past and from the speakers I have upgrade through the yesars never had any problems. Wish you the best of luck and I am sure you will find Aragon amps to be one of the best amps money can by at that price point.

Good Luck

I used to have an Aragon 4004 Mk II with a pair of B&W 803 Matrix, it certainly had enough power, but I personally found the highs a little harsh for the B&W's.

Just my .02