Aragon 8008-BB...what balanced preamplifier to use

A friend bought one of this amplifier and all his system is balanced with the exception of the preamplifier. He ask me for help but I'm not sure what to reccomend. His budget is limited to not more than $1K and is willing to buy used (AudioGon for sure). So, what brands and models are you considering worth to look for?

Gracias to everyone.

Folks who ask for a reccomenadatio laways do themselves a di serive but not also listing what other components they have (in this case Speakers) but also a budget.What comes to mind first is tubes as the Aragon is a cool performer.Maybe BAT 3Ki?As little as $12000 used and they can have phono and remote.I think Rogue makes and excellent product and I am thinking of nuying a 99 Magnum.Lie the company because when you compare feature to feature specn to spec they have prices new that aren't as insulting as rest of industry.Then think about scourinf roeccomended sites for vintage equipemnt.I saw a used pre here pn 'Gon with some NOStubes in it that they wanted $575 obo.Thay new piece would be $2K if anything today.With money you save you could ADD Xlr outputs get NOS or replece Caps that have reached there end point at 15-20 years and get some Hovland or Blackgates etc and have fun re-building a and older piece.
Gracias: Rogue and Bat has great reputation and I think some tubes in the route will do good to his system. The Aragon is SS with solid power. He found and ad for a Sonic Frontiers and I told him it uses tubes too. Since my friend is not a vynil guy , he can live without a phono section, which add some cost to the preamplifier. I will show him this post.

Thanks for your opinion.
I have the 8008 amp and use a Krell KRC 2 with it. I've tried tubes and SS and like the solid state pre-amps much better. The KRC 2 is fully balanced throughout and has a great sound. It is line level and you did not mention if you need a phono section. That mey or may not make a difference. The June 1994 Stereophile has a review of the KRC 2 which you should be able to checkout on-line.
Good Luck
What other preamplifiers you tried before deciding for the Krell? Do you just like the solid state sound over the tubes?

Gracias for sharing your experience and opinion.
I have the Aragon 8008BB and I use the Presence Audio Deluxe preamp which is a dual mono with an external power supply.I have a Rega Planet 2000 cd player,Acoustic Zen WOW interconnects,Stealth Premiere speaker cables,very solid Osiris 19" speaker stands.The weak link in my system are the Mirage speakers which are 12 years old and falling apart.I like the Totem Mani 2's.At this point in time, this system sound nice,and images great.
I hope this helps.Happy listening.
I had a Counterpoint SA 5.1 that was problematic for a few years before I finally wouldn't put up with it anymore. Tubes sound good for the few days that they're between break-in and break-down but all things considered they are not worth the trouble. Next I bought an Aragon pre-amp. It didn't last too long before I got the upgrade bug. I sold the Aragon and bought a Krell KSP-7b. It was much better than the Aragon and I think was more balanced than the Counterpoint. After returning to Stereophile which I hadn't subscribed to for several years I started reading about some of the other things out there. I did some homework and decided to get a KRC 2. I sold the KSP-7b and bought a Krell KRC 2. The new Krell is similar to the KSP-7b but everything the KSP-7b does well, the KRC 2 does better. In my mind the KRC 2 was well worth the money.