Aragon 4004MKII Vs. Bryston 4 B Pro

I may need a new amp and am wondering if anyone has thoughts on the 2 amps I listed. The Bryston is balanced, the 4004 is not but the Bryston is a couple hundred more. The 4B is the older model, PRO version with the Bryston printed in big letters on the front of the amp. Any toughts would be appreciated,Thanks!!!
I like both but if the bryston is a few hundred more than go with a aragon 8008bb it will better the older bryston i have heard both many times.
I'll second Paulficarella's reply. I would take an Aragon over the Bryston. One more note though, when looking to buy a 15-20 year old amp, be prepared to change out the main caps....just a thought.

I don't know your price range, but you may want to consider a McCormack DNA-1 too. I would take one of these, even over the Aragon.

2nd the DNA suggestion made by John/Jmcgrogan2.
If you'd have to choose between these two I'd go for the Aragon and use the money saved to go give it some TLC: caps, bias etc. That way you'll have an amp that is as good as new and can keep up with many modern designs.
It would depend on whether you intend on taking advantage of the balanced connections or not and whether any of the Bryston warranty is left.

An alternative I do not hesitate to recommend is the ATI balanced amps: AT2002 or AT3002.
Thanks for all the Idea's !!!