Aragon 4004MKII Vs. Bryston 4 B Pro

I may need a new amp and am wondering if anyone has thoughts on the 2 amps I listed. The Bryston is balanced, the 4004 is not but the Bryston is a couple hundred more. The 4B is the older model, PRO version with the Bryston printed in big letters on the front of the amp. Any toughts would be appreciated,Thanks!!!
I like both but if the bryston is a few hundred more than go with a aragon 8008bb it will better the older bryston i have heard both many times.
I'll second Paulficarella's reply. I would take an Aragon over the Bryston. One more note though, when looking to buy a 15-20 year old amp, be prepared to change out the main caps....just a thought.

I don't know your price range, but you may want to consider a McCormack DNA-1 too. I would take one of these, even over the Aragon.

2nd the DNA suggestion made by John/Jmcgrogan2.
If you'd have to choose between these two I'd go for the Aragon and use the money saved to go give it some TLC: caps, bias etc. That way you'll have an amp that is as good as new and can keep up with many modern designs.
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Thanks for all the Idea's !!!