Aragon 4004MKII upgrade,Aragon 3005 or Rotel 1095?

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Hoping someone who has similiar system or background can help out. I currently have an Aragon 4004MKII with 18K pre, attached to Polk Audio RTA-15tl's. I like the sound and would like to upgrade to a (5) channel HT system. I recently purchased Polk Audio's CS-400i center, PSW-450 Sub and fx300i surrounds to complete the package. The dilemna I seem to be having is whether to upgrade to an Aragon 3005 with a Stage One. Or, to the Rotel RMB-1095 and RSP-1098. I've auditioned both systems (not on my speakers) and have mixed feelings. The Rotel seems to have clarity and great sound staging, but lacking in the bass. While the Aragon is a little more neutral and sounding and tighter at the bass. Of course the systems were reviewed on two different speakers. The Aragon on Gallo Reference III's and the Rotel on B&W 800 series. I potentially plan to upgrade to LIS-25's. Anyone have a similiar system or history who can share thier thoughts. Thanks.
I recently upgraded to a Aragon stageone and a Aragon 2007 multichannel power amp, using 5 silverline audio and a pair of tyler speakers in a 7.1( with a rel stadium) setup. Where this system realy excels is in multi channel music(sacd and dvda). The stageone has a direct pass-through of both 2 and multi channel music. This is a big improvement over the B&K 305 that it has replaced.
The 4004MkII is IMO still a good sounding amp compared to comparably priced amps these days. Have you considered keeping the Aragon and adding a 3-channel amp such as an Acurus A-200x3? That would be a cost effective way to maintain your good sounding 2-channel and upgrade your HT. The Acurus is often available in the $500-700 range on this site. On the higher end, look at Theta Dreadnaught or BAT Vk6200.
Dsremer & Mitch2. Appreciate the responses. Good to hear that Aragon 2007 sounds good. My worry was that the single transformer wouldn't be up to the task of driving to optimum levels. As for adding a (3) channel amp, that definetely might be an option, considering I'm more interested in (2)channel sound, and this is an exercise in HTH add on. Thanks. Roger