Aragon 4004MKII replacement recs

Well, I'm traumatized and deflated to say the least.

After carefully putting together a system that really sings (to me) I returned home last night to find out the cleaning lady has (somehow?!) fried the power amp (Aragon 4004 MKII with a clean bill of health).

Thinking it had something to do with it being plugged in and moved/bumped/thumped.

Here's a bit more about the system:

Analogue front end: late 80s Michell Gyrodec > Rega RB300 > Lyra Delos > Silvercore SUT > Analysis Plus oval cables

Digital front end: NAD S500 deck/headless Mac Mini > Triode TRV-DAC1.0 SE

Preamp: Conrad Johnson PV-7 with Telefunken and Amperex valves

Amp: Aragon 4004 MKII

Speakers: Acoustat Spectra 33 (w/ matching sub) fed by Auditorium23 1M cables

I rebuilt quite a bit of the interior a few years back, and it was very $$$$ to do so. In your opinion, do I service it again, or move on to something else? The Acoustats are fairly power hungry, so as much as I'd like to go 4w SET, for now that is relegated to the bedroom system.

Any all opinions are welcome!
Ciao, KL
Here are three recommendtions to consider;
1. Buy another 4004MkII. I liked the one I owned years ago and for $600-800 used, they offer good sound quality IMO.
2. McCormack DNA 225 at around $1,500 used, and sometimes less,
3. Hypex Ncore NC400, either a pair that someone has made DIY, or purchase the modules and cases and put them together yourself.
Just a thought, did you check the fuses?

Have you opened it up yet?

IMO, the Aragon 4004II is worth repairing as long as it does not cost you more than another one in same condition.

Would you consider an Acurus A200 or A250 for about half the cost on the used market? Not quite the high current driving capabilities as the big Aragons but a very similar sound signature, neutral, detailed, superb bass drive.

I have owned all models of Mondial Acurus amps produced except for the A125x5 and the A80 and have had no issues at all with them and they all sounded very nice.

Yep, the Acurus amps sound very similar and can be bought rather inexpensively nowadays. I had a multi-channel Acurus and it was a beastf an amp.

I have also had a Butler hybrid (tube/MOSFET) amp that I really, really liked. It has that signature tube sweetness mated to the high current ballsiness of a MOSFET amp. Keep your eye out for a Butler TDB-2250 here, they can usually be found for right around $1500. These are *fabulous* amps and will drive your Acoustats with real authority!

Good luck!

All great suggestions, and mostly unfamiliar territory.

The Butler sounds particularly intriguing to me – high current plus valves – who knew? This is what I was unconsciously hoping for, and it's how I came to look at the ARC products…

In between my posting any your responses I made an offer on a nicely upgraded (tubes, caps etc.) ARC VS115 right here on the 'gon and it was accepted. I guess I was also hoping to upgrade when the amp stopped working.

While parting with the Aragon will be bittersweet (it's served me very well) here in NYC maintaining such a beast is not only terribly expensive, but the number of shops is few and far between (and with Aragon changing hands and now belonging to Klipsch, support is virtually non-existent). Last time it was taken in, the final bill was easily the cost of purchasing another NM replacement.

Once the ARC is in place (following a cross-country trip) I will post impressions. Given my familiarity with it, my expectations are high.
"with Aragon changing hands and now belonging to Klipsch"

Actually in 2008, Klipsch sold the Aragon and Acurus rights to former Klipsch engineers who formed Indy Audio Labs. They now service both legacy products through their partnering with Sybesma's Electronics in Holland Michigan.

By the way, great find with your new ARC VS115.

thanks for the info; just goes to show how much time has passed since I had it last serviced! plus, i'm losing track of just about everything.

i'm excited to hear the ARC in my setup.

to my surprise, it took a lot of hunting to find a replacement fuse. installing it tonight. if that works, she's getting posted here for local sale.