Aragon 4004MKII replacement recs

Well, I'm traumatized and deflated to say the least.

After carefully putting together a system that really sings (to me) I returned home last night to find out the cleaning lady has (somehow?!) fried the power amp (Aragon 4004 MKII with a clean bill of health).

Thinking it had something to do with it being plugged in and moved/bumped/thumped.

Here's a bit more about the system:

Analogue front end: late 80s Michell Gyrodec > Rega RB300 > Lyra Delos > Silvercore SUT > Analysis Plus oval cables

Digital front end: NAD S500 deck/headless Mac Mini > Triode TRV-DAC1.0 SE

Preamp: Conrad Johnson PV-7 with Telefunken and Amperex valves

Amp: Aragon 4004 MKII

Speakers: Acoustat Spectra 33 (w/ matching sub) fed by Auditorium23 1M cables

I rebuilt quite a bit of the interior a few years back, and it was very $$$$ to do so. In your opinion, do I service it again, or move on to something else? The Acoustats are fairly power hungry, so as much as I'd like to go 4w SET, for now that is relegated to the bedroom system.

Any all opinions are welcome!
Ciao, KL