Aragon 4004 mk II / Mccormack DNA 1 amp

I'm posting a question regarding which amp sounds better.
If both amps will be using solid state preamp; cd and phono source. Using efficient speakers 2 way 91db Is the engineering design of either amp better for sound ie bass,
midrange and treble. Any comments ?
both are incredibly good, so i'd say go for the one in the best condition.
I owned an Aragon 4004 MKII for a very long time and I really enjoyed it immensely.
I have also listened to the McCormack DNA-1, but it was a very long time ago.

The Aragon has enough power to basically drive any speaker. The bass was phenomenal which was it's best quality, it was also deep and tight. The imaging and focus was rock solid, the midrange was good, and the treble was extended. I was using it with a VTL Super Deluxe Preamp, which has a wonderful midrange and was a great match. I'm concerned that if you use it with a SS Preamp then the midrange may be a little dry and the treble may have a slight edge. Dynamics and transients, were also very good. Low level retrieval was fantastic. The soundstage was set back behind the speakers, and it was deep and wide.

The McCormack also had very good bass, but not as rock solid as the Aragon, the midrange was sweeter on the McCormack, I honestly can't remember what the treble sounded like. I heard this amp at the dealers showroom, so I don't recall what preamp was being used. The soundstage wasn't as deep as the Aragon, and it also had a more forward presentation.

I guess your decision should come down to what preamp and speakers you plan on using with either one of these Amps.

So....., what Speakers do you have?
I have owned both the 4004 and a DNA-1 Deluxe, which is a little differnet animal than a DNA-1. I had both for about 2 years driving Maggie 3.6R's with a VTL 2.5 preamp. Aragon had more bottom end and was darker to my ears. The Mac is one that you can listen to for hours and hours without tiring of. I have moved on to a DNA-500 now. Both are good amps(Aragon/Mac), but I think the Mac is faster, warmer and a better deal, depending on your speakers.

Good listening.....