Aragon 4004 MK II

Was still trying to match my new speakers up with a nice amp/pre-amp. Saw a local pickup ad for this amp for ~600 was wondering if this would be a good match to Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand & REL setup?
Hi, The last 60 of these amps that were sold on audiogon went for a low of $400 and a high of $850 so $600 seems reasonable.
Is there any way that you can put a deposit on the amp and try it out for a few days? I used to have one and used it with Alon 4's with great success.
Good Luck, Randy
Buy it, my best friend owns one last 7 years, good sound with his Apogee speakers, built like a tank.
Killer amp. I do not know if it is a good match for your Vienna Acoustics. I have owned a couple of the 4004 MKII in the past and have regretted selling them. If it is in good clean condition buy it and try it. If it does not match with your speakers sell the amp here on agon. At worst you may lose a little money.
I've had to service a few over the past years. Great amp. Very well behaved. Good sounding. Nice current delivery. Good bandwidth i.e., frequency response.
I second the KILLER amp response. The Aragon is a fairly "polite" amp overall with an iron fist on the bottom end like my Krells. Very hard amp to beat even in todays market. Keep in mind some 4004's were factory upgraded to MKII status when the actual MKII version came out. Probably doesn't matter and I'm not sure how you can tell the difference internally, just figured I'd mention that fact. Keep us updated on your decision. Dave.
I'm currently looking for a driver board for mine. Previous owner shorted out the speaker wires and did MASSIVE damage! Since they are relatively rare, I thought I'd ask if anyone has a donor unit for sale. Cosmetics aren't important to me.