Aragon 4004 Amplifier as Mono Block?

Greetings All,
Can the Aragon 4004 switch from a 2-channel into a monoblock? I have not seen any ratings to do this so I am guessing that it can not.
Thank you for any and all feedback,
If your speakers are biwireable then you could use one on each channel and get much of the same effect.
It is a Dual Mono Design in one chassis. It even has a transformer for each channel. It cannot be bridged. Besides even if you could bridge it why it will not sound nearly as good. You should jus bi amp.
The Palladium is a bridged monoblock but they run a much lower rail voltage and are very conservatively rated for low impedance loads. Obviously, not 4X the power, so detuned for reliability.
The 4004 can be bridged. It is not recommended, but it is entirely possible.

Downside is that the higher rail voltage compared to a Palladium will make it more likely to over-power the output transistors and damage the amp.

The 8008 series amps cannot be bridged according to Klipsch due to output instability. (I'm not sure how using an external bridging adapter would cause instability.)

Audio by VanAlstyne sells a bridging adapter, but for what it costs, you might as well buy a different amp.