Aragon 28k mk2 or Adcom GFP 750 preamp?

I'm looking to match up a preamp with a new Aragon 8008 mk2. The Adcom has balanced outputs, the Aragon pre does not, although the Aragon amp does. Strange. The cd palyer will be a Cary 308-single ended, and the speakers will be the new Paradigm Studio 100v3. Any thoughts? Thanks.

FWIW I owned the Aragon Pre-amp and found it to be a good piece. At one time I had the pre-amp mated with the 8008st amplifier. I did not keep the pre-amp very long (I bought a used Krell instead) but the amp stayed for a few years.

I have never owned the Adcom, but I have heard people nearly rave about it. It is line-stage which should not matter unless you are planning on buying a turntable soon.

If I were you I would buy the Adcom. It should be a good match for the other pieces you already own.
Refer to here:
First of all, let me start by saying that the Adcom has much lower output than my C-J, 1 volt vs 2.5 volts. I had the volume control on the Adcom consistently at the 2-4 o'clock position to get reasonably loud volume levels in my relatively small 13x16 room. I even bottomed out the volume pot on a couple of cd's, just not enough juice to drive my Cary 100 watt monoblocks. The Cary's input sensitivity is 1.5 volts, which explains the Adcom's trouble driving them to full output.
Aragon input sensitivity is 1.7V. Adcom might not be a good match. I heard some guys said Aragon 28K is bettern than Adcom in active stage, and Adcom's passive is useless.

I am in the same situation, to match 8008 with a preamp. I will either buy a 28k or a used other brand.

Trust me, balanced setup will make no difference at all.