Aragon 24K... What ever happed to it?

Hi I just got back from Africa for several years and am putting a system together again. When I left in the early nineties there was a preamp called the Aragon 24K that lots of folks were raving about. I had a friend who had one and he loved it. I think it was designed by the same guy who does the Krell line. At any rate, I'm thinking about picking one up and would like to have opinions on it...can't find any old reviews on line.
Hi,I have one of these preamps,I really like it,they stopped making it a few years ago.Aragon is still in making stereo gear though.You could probably find a used one for 300 to $400.00.It is a bargain at that price!
Hello I too have a 24k and a 4004 amp to match. I believe there were two versions: one with a penny&giles pot and one that came with ips power supply. There might be one floating around and I might be willing to sell mine. Good listening.