Aragon 2004 vs McCormack dna.05 ?

Could anyone who has used both these amplifiers please comment on, Dependability, how they compare in sound, and are likly to get along with a foreplay tube preamplifier and Infinity RSIII speakers. Sources are cable-radio and AMC tube cd player.
Thank You.
I've owned two McCormack amps now but I've never owned the 0.5.

If you can find some reviews of the DNA 0.5 (it's been a few years now since one's been done), you would find that some reviewers in time past have placed it as among the best of the best very regardless of price.

But that's just a starting point. If you should land a DNA 0.5, you can then send it in to Steve McCormack who for a little money, will turn it into something else!!

You might consider checking out McCormack's web-site at for more details on his Revision A Gold, A, B, or C upgrades.

Can't comment on the Aragon, but had a .5 for five years or so, paired with a little single tube British pre, and it sung. At its price point, assuming it can drive your speakers sufficiently, the McCormack is truly one of the world's finest amps.

I only let mine go when I upgraded my speakers, and needed a bit more oomph to drive them.

Good luck, and good listening,

I would like to add a comment to this older thread. I owned the Aragon 2004 which beat alot of previous amps however it was finally replaced with the McCormack Deluxe 0.5 and life couldn't be more better. It was more musically engaging & satisfying than the 2004.