aragon 2004 amp. Help with Speaker placement?

I have 2 sets of B&S (2)CM2 and (2)CM1 Speakers. I am new to audio-file systems. Saying it like that even that sounds wrong to me, Anyway, I have tried moving my speakers around some and just not feeling it. You know what I mean? I was hoping you guys could maybe help me out. My Room is 18' X 16' with a 12' ceiling and its split by a long bar, then goes about 8' more to the opposite wall.Total 26'X 16. The split section is the kitchen. Anyway, I had 200 watts in the LR before and the aragon in my office and I could turn the aragon up to about 5 and it would drowned out my LR system. Hence the more to the LR with the aragon. Thank you, S.