AR3 updating

I recently purchased a pair of AR3 (not AR3a) speakers with the intent of reselling them at a profit. I can recap and rewire them, but wonder whether this would add value or not? If I were keeping them I would definitely update them, but perhaps collectors and/or vintage speaker lovers would prefer them in original condition. Thoughts, especially those based on experience with resale of updated vintage gear much appreciated.
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Hi Balthus, several years ago I bought two pair of AR-3s in excellent condition cabinet wise and the drivers were all working. The pots were corroded so badly that I replaced them with L-pads from Vintage-AR. These pads fit right in the same place as the original pots.
I bought these with the intention that I was going to keep them and listen to them.
If I was in your position and bought them for resale,I would sell them without doing any work on them. The reason being that the buyer may like to do what I did and fix them himself. It really is not a bad job. I had help from a fellow who specializes in AR speakers using telephone contact.
Mine sound great and I listen to them every day.
Interesting, thanks for sharing your experience. btw, I have been surprised how much power it takes to drive these speakers well. What amp are you using with yours?
Balthus, I am using a pair of Herron M1-A mono amps that are rated 275 watts into 4 ohms and sound fantastic. Like I said in an earlier posting,
The AR-3s are not the last word in detail, but to me after 30 years in this hobby and several wonderful speakers over the years, they just sound like music .
Good Luck,