AR10pi - re-cone myself, sell as-is?

Nice pair, purchased new by my father circa 1975 for $800. Cabinets excellent, woofer cones with classic rot. Possible deterioration of mid-domes too but let's get to that later. Original foam grilles in pretty good shape. Everything else is original - badging, the doors covering the front level adjusters, etc.

The questions:
Re-cone myself? (by which I really mean 're-surround')
OEM sources and prices for new woofers?
Thoughts on value of pair as-is vs. re-coned vs. with OEM woofs?
If you are handy, then recone and sell. i doubt it costs you too much. i definitely think you'll find more buyers and get maximum price...once you tell a buyer 'its broken' the price really drops and some buyers lose interest altogether. my two cents. others may well have different views.
Putting on new surrounds is a walk in the park. Just take your time, take it slow. I just re-foamed 4 three inch tweeters for $32. I find it's a fun hobby.
I've been putting this off since the original post (above) and now I'm ready. Who can sell me a good re-foaming surround kit at a good price?

email me directly at s dot w dot goodwin a t gmail d ot com please!
Bump - anybody else with good advice?
sorry...I had it done by a professional. Good luck!