AR XA + SME 3009

Has anyone had, or does anyone know someone who has had, experience with fitting an SME 3009 series arm to an AR XA turntable (the later version with a single motor and cast sub chassis)?
All help is appreciated in advance.
Terry Plampin
I disassembled an AR XA, cut the arm off the sub-chassis, added a wood extension and Grace 707. Was a very good improvement. That has to be 30 years ago. IIRC, the cart was a Shure V15-IV. Not a bad set-up.

As for using an arm as heavy as the 3009 and requiring that much real estate on the sub-chassis, that might be a bit more of a challenge. IMO, the biggest issues would be balancing the spring suspension and enlarging the arm hole in the chassis. That said it's probably doable.

As an alternative, you might consider removing the sub-chassis and motor from the main chassis / plinth. Remove the AR arm, extend the sub-chassis to accommodate the SME arm. But instead of reinstalling the sub-chassis into the chassis, construct a separate motor housing and use the sub-chassis as a stand-alone unit. Just get some cones, Vibrapods, Vibrapod cones or sorbothane pucks on which to mount the sub-chassis. Use a little modeling clay to better damp that metal sub-chassis.

You should be able to come up with a few ideas by going through the classified ads for turntables on this site.

Just my 2 YEN worth.
Terry, it's a really hard job with lots of fabrication involved, because of the size of the mounting. You would be cutting the sub chassis and adding a piece as well as recutting the top plate, new springs, lots of headaches. The standard arm that is used on the AR is the Linn Basik or Basik+ because the arm mount is so small that a bit of cutting on the sub chassis and a little widening of the hole in the plinth and you are there. The weight is also compatible with the table. Some have also had good luck with the Mayware and Hadcock arms for the same reason.