AR-XA Cartridge with Plinius 9200 integrated?

Just recently acquired AR-XA turntable with original Sure 91 cartridge. What is good replacement which will work pared with Plinius 9200 integrated? The clarity on high frequencies is not satisfactory. The basic maintenance is done.
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A Jico SAS Styli on your Shure 91 will solve that problem.
Your amp has an input impedance of 47 kohm. I don't know of any moving coil cartridge that sounds any good into 47 kohm so I'd steer clear of mc. The first thing I did when I bought the Plinius 8150 - a precursor to the 9200 - many years ago was to also buy a dedicated phono stage to handle mc cartridges. (The mc gain on the 8150 was far too low, but I don't know if this design flaw has been carried over into the 9200).
Why you're wanting to play an ancient mm cartridge of questionable quality into one of the best integrated amps on the market is beyond my comprehension. Buy yourself s decent new mm cartridge.
I consider myself as an "analog virgin" thus I have not even slightest idea what to buy :) I learned words MC and MM couple of days ago but don't know yet how what do I need.
Do you have any specific suggestions what is going to work? I prefer to stay below 100$ but will stretch the budget up to 150-170 if I must.
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An additional observation. Probably the gain on my Plinius is too high. At 9 o'clock it is already loud, even thoug I switched internal jumpers to LOW gain position according to manual.
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A few months passed since I started to listen to vinyl. Couple of modifications were done to the turntable itself. Thanks to died original motor I discovered several web sites with AR enthusiasts. So, following DIY path, I installed new Hurst motor, did a major clean up including power switch, put some vibroisolation and installed Rega RB300 arm (T-bar mod required). I built isolation platform as well (sandwich Al/Dynomat-like material/Al construction with stainless steel spikes sitting on sapphire balls at the point of contact). So far functional part is done for now, cosmetics including top plinth and new wood base will be done later. The only crucial part I am not sure about is the cartridge.
I decided to stay with MM. As I understand RB300 is comparatively forgiving arm, so the cartridge choice might be based on sound and budget.
What my system lacks is the punch and high frequency clarity. Based on web search I think the popular contenders are:
Ortofone 2M red
Shure 97xe
Clearaudio Concept
Clearaudio Aurum Classic MK2

What would you recommend? Any other carts I missed?
Budget limit is $300.

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Ortofon 2m red/black is excellent combination with RB 300