AR VT 200 MK I vs AR HD 220

Hello to everyone I'm from Italy and am searching a stereo amplifier in the used market that must have 150 - 200 watt and at moment I found these two but don't know and ever listened both.
Next week I'll go to listen the AR HD 220 but in a system that I don't know.
The AR VT 200 MK I I can't listen.
And so what's in your opinion the best power amp between these two?
Do you know about some reliable problems regarding the AR VT 200 MK I?
Mine sounded very nice until it blew up and pieces flew through the top vent and hit me in the face while I was sitting in my listening chair. The upside was that it was an enclosed unit. Most tube amps are open. It could've taken my eye out. (It almost took my back out, as well. The thing ways well over 100lbs and only has handles on one end. One person gets handles and the other one gets hurt.) On a scale of 1 to 10: Sound quality 7, safety 2. My advice would be to pick something else. Its a good sounding amp but you can do better.
Zd542 Thanks for your precious help!
Did you ever listen the AR HD 220?
Is it a good sounding amp?
I have seen many used HD 220 for sale maybe because it is a NOT good sounding amp?
No, just the VT. It might help if you list the rest of your system and the type of sound you like or expect. The fact that you live in Italy may put you at risk if you ever have a problem with an amp thats made overseas. It may be a better move for you to pick an amp made in your country, or even something in Europe. Espically if you want a tube amp. Whatever you decide to do, I think build quality would be one of the most important factors. ARC does make good sounding amps, but they tend to break occasionally.

Also, solid state has come a long way. Given that you like the sound of ARC, you may indeed like SS as well. ARC tube amps have a reputation for sounding closer to SS than most other tube brands. Its just something to consider.
Zd542 Thanks again for your help!
My system is so composed, Aria audio WV5XL by Michael Elliott ex Counterpoint designer, it's a full tube preamplifier and you can find some pics on line because there isn't a web site. Counterpoint DA10 DAC fully upgraded by Altavistaaudio (Michael Elliott) and Counterpoint DA11.5 CD transport, all the cables are MIT and the loudspearkers are the Focal Utopia Maestro.
I'd like to reach a very transparent, fast, detailed sound with a touch of warm.
Unfortunately Mr. Elliott closed the doors of its business before I'd can buy the two Aria Audio monoblock and so now I have to see something else. The Aria monoblocks were hybrid like the AR HD220 and so I explaned to you the reason for my interest on it.
Zd542, your suggestions on the VT200 are right and so I think I'll see for an other amp. Do you know about reliability problems regarding the AR HD220?
But I can't trust that there is none on this forum that can help me with the sonic signature of the AR HD220...